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Pattern Making

Our patternmaking service provides the opportunity to have masters produced to your specifications, for reproduction by sand casting in metal, silicone moulding systems in synthetic resin, and by CNC technology in a variety of materials including wood.

As woodcarvers, we are able to bring to our patternmaking all the attributes of traditional craftsmanship, artistry and technical expertise. This, combined with the carver's knowledge of sculpture and period ornamentation provides a very specialist service, producing the masters for intricate decorative items which lie beyond the scope of ordinary patternmaking services.

Masters may be produced in any wood, allowing for the reproduction of the grain of the wood where desired. If a uniform smooth finish is required, we will use a stable hardwood with no pronounced grain, such as lime, jelutong or basswood. Masters are supplied in bare wood, or with a waterproof, smooth and uniform spray finish, carefully applied to avoid obscuring any detail.

Applications for this service include interior design, specialist lighting manufacture, etc.