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Interior Design Elements

Carved ornamentation has always been an integral element of interior decoration. This tradition continues today throughout the world as an expression of discerning fine taste.

Working under the keen eye of a professional designer to produce the individual elements of ornamentation is a key aspect of our work as skilled craftsmen. We will take an idea and, through dialogue, develop it to successfully realise the designer's vision.

By availing of our service, the designer has direct access to a specialist bespoke woodcarving service tailored to the individual tastes of your clients. In bypassing third parties a considerably greater margin of the overall cost is channelled into the production of a superior product, to stunning visual effect.

At its most ostentatious woodcarving has been used as the ultimate reflection of wealth and social standing. In the latter half of the seventeenth century the work of Grinling Gibbons and his contemporaries was in such demand that members of the English aristocracy were driving themselves to the point of bankruptcy to have these rich carvings adorn their stately homes. Consequently, these times saw a flowering of the craft which produced masterpieces that continue to this day to act as inspiration for the truly dedicated woodcarver.

Contemporary applications of woodcarving, both commercial and residential, lie in the creation of elegant interiors, which reflect this timeless quality and attention to detail. We will work with you to create the ornamental elements of your project: from the individual carved motifs that highlight a design, to complete period architectural decoration and furnishings.

With twenty years experience in woodcarving, gilding, turning, cabinet making and joinery, we are able to undertake the production of carved furniture and supply the joinery element to carved projects. For example, if your project requires a particular item of carved furniture we will be able to supply you with this as a bespoke service.

For commercial projects we also offer a reproduction service, whereby we carve a master to your approved specifications, and supply you with a quantity of exact reproductions in wood or resin, which may be finished to your requirements in gold leaf, or stained, polished or painted.